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A community-driven toolkit for deploying successful EVM-compatible dApp stores using a decentralized framework.
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Say goodbye to high fees and lack of crypto payment support in existing app stores. Build your own dApp store and set your own rules for monetization, distribution, curation, and governance with dApp Store Kit - the key to decentralization.
Push the limits of what can be achieved and take your project to the next level. Don't settle for less, upgrade to the dApp Store Kit.
Our open-source dApp registry provides you with modular building blocks to launch your own dApp store.
Developers can build and iterate with ease leveraging the flexible features of the dApp Store Kit
A universal dApp registry that eliminates the need to build, curate and maintain your own database.
Impact the bottom line
Bring your products to market faster and save on hefty development costs.
Design for trust
Build a stable and trustable front to prevent fraud, scams, and hacks.
Set your own price
List dApps for free or develop a pricing model that works for you and your users.
Who is dApp Store Kit for?
Anyone & everyone can use the dApp Store Kit to create new & exciting experiences for their users.
Integrate a dApp store into your device and accelerate your path to profitability. Quickly take your products to market and save on development costs with dApp Store Kit.
Offer exciting new dApps that leverage users’ wallets, own the experience, and user adoption.
Offer a custom dApp store experience to promote/highlight dApps and offer new monetization models.
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